Watermelon-sized lemon found on a tree in Australia.

The gardeners themselves told the story of the giant lemon. Their site is in East Fremantle, Western Australia. The area is quite arid, so no one expected that a lemon tree left unattended would bear fruit at all. After weighing, the scale arrow showed a mark of 2.6 kilograms, which is also comparable to a melon or watermelon.

mon we saw from afar. At first it even seemed that it was a balloon. The tree bowed under his weight! — said the wife of the farmer Melissa Palinkas.
And since Melissa also works as a chef at a local restaurant, it was decided to put the lemon in the kitchen. Despite the anomalous size, its taste was similar to the taste of ordinary lemons, but less juicy.Most likely, one of the subspecies of the Panderose variety grew on the farm. These lemons are unpretentious and are large in size.

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