This woman decided to get a short haircut and ended up looking like this…

The character of a lady is to grow long curls for years before cutting them off in a flash!

But as you know, change always inspires something fresh and serves as a solid incentive to take action.

Look at this stunning woman with long hair! However, Arevik eventually made the decision that she wanted radical modifications, so she went to the hairdresser Anzhelika Grechkina, who was happy to assist her.

The length must be cut off first. A heavy and thick mass of hair dropped to the ground a short while later.

The woman’s hair was given the desired and lovely shape by the stylist, which took a lot of work but gave her the anticipated change.

The styling phase comes next. Smooth and lustrous hair resulted.

And the outcome is here!

After the initial length, Arevik will probably need to get acclimated to the new hairdo, but this will take some time; the most important thing is to like your reflection in the mirror!

The new haircut gave the appearance a trendy update.

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