This La Voz contestant wowed everyone with his rendition of Freddie Mercury’s “Somebody to love”

Freddie Mercury was the most important figure in stadium rock. If it was a stage with thousands of people, no one beat Freddie Mercury, who is now 70 years old since his birth . But he was also the housewife of the vacuum cleaner in I want to break free, the creator of hymns as chanted as We will rock you and We are the champions and the baritone in each and every one of Queen’s ballads.

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For decades there was speculation about Mercury’s vocal range, and it was even said that he reached four octaves. What is clear is that Freddie Mercury had a unique voice and that it dazzled the world. And even to this day, many of us can’t stop listening to it. Although it can be difficult to interpret a Freddie Mercury song, we were quite surprised by what happened in the semifinals of The Voice.img 582f5682b6187

After all, when Jordan Smith takes the stage, we had little idea what was going to happen! Smith did not hesitate for a moment and, with a gospel choir in the background, he showed that he has great talent and a desire to succeed. He did an amazing job and when it was all said and done, he had the judges at his feet!


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