The worker went to the bank and changed the banknotes for 60,000 coins. No one understood why he needed so much, but it turned out that he was doing the floor

One morning, an ordinary-looking worker came into the bank branch and asked to exchange large bills immediately for 60,000 coins. Employees of the financial institution asked the man several times, but he insisted on his own. None of the managers understood the ideas of the “worker”, and then it turned out that the guy was making a tricky floor. Rich Holtham only looked like an ordinary worker that morning – he just came to the bank straight from the room that he was finishing as his barbershop. For years, the man has been gaining his own clientele, opening his own institution for a long time seemed an unattainable dream. However, he finally collected enough money, rented a room and set about finishing.

This is where the barber ran into unexpected expenses. If the finishing work on the walls and ceiling fit into the budget, then the carpenters asked for a lot of money for the floor. There was no point in saving on materials: in a few months the floor would have to be changed.

At that moment, Rich came up with a bold idea: pave the floor with 1p coins. He made a calculation in AutoCAD, realized the required number of coins and went to the bank to change banknotes. As a result, the amount turned out to be half that requested by the masters. Rich called his friends to collect the floor. They worked in the evenings, and at the end they filled it with epoxy and sanded it. The result exceeded all expectations: rumors about an unusual barbershop spread around the city and curious clients rushed to Holtam: In the bank, the idea of a hairdresser was understood only after publications in the press.


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