The parrot has learned to distinguish between different objects and now throws out the garbage and fills the piggy bank with change: video

The little lovebird has learned to distinguish between objects. Its owner drew attention to this – the man turned on the camera on purpose and recorded on video how the bird throws out the garbage, and specially collects the coins in the piggy bank. Lovebird parrots live in Madagascar and Africa.

Попугай научился различать разные предметы и теперь выкидывает мусор и наполняет копилку мелочью: видео

These birds are very loyal, hence the name – parrots find a mate only once in a lifetime. In addition, parrots of this subspecies are easy to train. The bird quickly understands what they want from it. In this case, in a couple of days, the parrot learned to understand the difference between garbage and money: the parrot throws away unnecessary items, and transfers the coins to the piggy bank.

To prove the abilities of his lovebird, the man recorded a video: Parrots are generally quite intelligent and learn quickly. Another representative of this species learned to ride a small skateboard: These birds do best when paired. The parrot in the video also probably has a partner.


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