The mother published a video in which she took a picture of her husband and daughter while staying alone at home

It is difficult for many mothers to let their husbands take care of their children. But for Rugeana and her husband, things are different. This father has a natural disposition to care for children, even enjoying participating in their nightly games and helping to teach them a few lessons. But like every mother, Rugeana was curious to see what her husband did when she wasn’t home.


So she decided to investigate it on her own. It was not expected that a baby camera would solve all her doubts. It all started when Rugeana installed the camera to see how the girls played when she was not present. It’s also a great way for the girls’ grandparents, who live far away, to see their granddaughters often and all their antics without actually being there in person. But when Rugeana forgot to turn off the camera, she captured a touching moment between her husband and their daughters. First, the father entered the living room with great joy when the girl was dancing in front of the TV.


Instead of walking by, the father put the laundry basket on the floor and he started doing impressive dance moves! This father knows how to have fun with children and he has shown it. As soon as Rugeana took a look at the pictures, she saw how her husband had an adorable moment with her daughter and couldn’t help but smile. He is clearly an exemplary father. The daughters will remember his father as the guy who played with them and brightened their days with his antics.


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