The mechanic transformed the old “Pain” into a two-storey motorhome: look inside the video

Older UAZs, commonly nicknamed “Loaf”, have been used for decades as a fairly comfortable car. However, the mechanic managed to turn it into a unique project: a real two-storey motorhome with integrated equipment. We look at the car inside on the video. The mechanic worked in a large workshop specializing in deep tuning.

It is planned that the project will be launched in series – everyone can potentially acquire the same motorhome. Before turning into a house, “Loaf” must undergo a series of modifications. Then he installed complete soundproofing for comfortable stops at campsites. I installed an air suspension and, above all, I completely changed the original roof to a lift module.

Now the roof rises and becomes almost a full-fledged second floor with a bed, where an adult can reach its full height without any problems. On the first level, a large comfortable sofa is installed in the living space. It also converts into a bed and there is a spacious fridge next to it. A little further on is a module with a dry closet.

Some elements turned out to be controversial, as can be seen from the entry: In the top configuration, they plan to sell such a motorhome for about 1.9 million rubles. Quite affordable price compared to European manufacturers.


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