The best teacher I’ve ever had. He is the only teacher in the village, and his students continue to win competitions

Sunny Vapkey is open for business.

He decided to establish an unusual charitable foundation four years ago.

He organizes a competition among teachers from various countries to determine who is the best.

The winning teacher will receive a $1 million prize.

This year, 10,000 people from 179 different countries applied for the competition.

The winning Kenyan village is located in the middle of nowhere.

The village school is in poor condition, and there aren’t enough subjects to teach children.

There are only 58 students and one teacher at the school.

There is only one computer available for all of the children.

Students travel long distances to attend classes.

In rainy weather, they are given the most difficult path.

Despite this, Peter achieves excellent results — his students win in a variety of scientific competitions.

Peter had previously worked as a teacher in a private school.

He later decided to become a monk and dropped out of private school.

Following his dismissal, Peter resolved to assist students in less fortunate areas.

The teacher attempts to motivate and inspire his students to believe in themselves in order to achieve any goals.

Peter claims that anyone will be fortunate enough to find something he adores.

Students actively participate in school life and organize numerous projects. Peter believes that in difficult situations, creative thinking and the ability to look at the situation from different perspectives are especially important.

There are numerous circles at school where children can develop their creative abilities and participate in scientific experiments.

Peter decided to start a «Peace Club,» where he gathers students of various faiths and nationalities and teaches them tolerance and respect for one another.

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