Night Ferry in Japan: A tourist turned on the camera and filmed a trip on a boat that looks like a hotel from the inside

The Japanese archipelago consists of 6852 islands, so ferry crossings are not uncommon here. But for a foreign tourist, a typical Japanese ferry will look more like a real hotel with a very good rating: a traveler with a camera spent the night on one of the ferries from Tokyo to Hokkaido and filmed his camera from the inside.

Luxury ferries appeared in Japan relatively recently, only in the early 2010s. Previously, most companies simply used huge cabins with tatami mats for economy class seating. Inside it was noisy, uncomfortable, fed only noodles. Since then, the country’s ferry fleet has changed significantly.

Now the traveler can safely count on a comfortable private cabin, a restaurant with an excellent buffet, snack bars on the floors and even bath complexes – exactly the same sento baths as in Tokyo. Night ferries are even more comfortable.

Already boarded the ship, the tourist toured the ship and saw relaxation lounges, two superbly equipped gyms and even its own cinema.
Naturally, the man filmed all the details of the trip on camera: The ferry trip took the tourist almost 24 hours. The man admitted that he would gladly renew this experience.


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