In 1982, a youngster was rescued by player Jim Rice in the middle of a game. A true hero who serves as an inspiration

In 1982, four-year-old Jonathan Keen attended a sporting event at Fenway Park.

A day of relaxation at the stadium abruptly became a true tragedy for the Keen family. Jonathan was struck in the head hard.

Tom, the child’s father, initially believed that the ball had impacted the dugout.

Then, he discovered his son asleep.

The child’s head had a sizable wound, and he was unresponsive.

A call for an ambulance was made.

Jim Rice, a Red Sox player, raced out of the bench, grabbed the boy in his arms, and carried him through the dugout to the clubhouse, where team physician Arthur Pappas could treat him.

The boy was transported to the Boston Children’s Hospital after every effort was made.

From the impact to the ambulance’s arrival, everything happened in less than three minutes.

After giving the infant to the medical staff, Rai went back to the pitch and finished the game.

When the media hailed him as a hero following the game, Rice responded, «And if Jonathan were your kid, what would you do?

The youngster received medical attention in time because to Rice’s prompt response.

Rice may have saved his life or undoubtedly stopped permanent brain damage.

For five days, Jonathan was in critical condition.

The youngster had a scar above his eye as a reminder because he was little at the time and does not remember that day.

After the incident, the man received an invitation to take part in the Red Sox home opener in the spring.

Because he would get to see Rice again, the youngster excitedly consented.

Later, in North Carolina, Jonathan earned a respectable education.

Now the man is the CEO of a company that helps other organizations outsource telephone services.

He’s married. His wife works as a nurse.

The couple has three children.

Rice visited Jonathan in the hospital and, after learning about the financial situation of the victim’s family, paid all the expenses for the child’s treatment.

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