Don’t miss out on what a person riding a unicycle can do!

When 42-year-old Rong Niu appeared on the stage of America’s Got Talent and described her talent, the judges had little idea what they were about to witness. What she intended to do isn’t exactly a talent she sees every day. But, from the moment she started acting herself, Rong Niu, also known as Red Panda, had the entire audience hooked on her amazing and complicated moves. She began the performance of her riding a rather tall unicycle.

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Next, she begins placing bowls on top of her head, and with one foot!If it’s already hard to get off the ground, imagine the added difficulty she has while riding a unicycle. If that wasn’t complicated and amazing enough, the best is yet to come. Rong Niu starts throwing the bowls from her foot to her head, and she catches them all. It’s something really amazing! “He had already earned our vote!” Howie said, halfway through her performance, “Why does she keep doing more stunts?”

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It is true that, if she had wanted, she could have finished her performance before her, but she wanted to impress both the judges and the audience more, and for that the performance became more and more complex When she was done, both the audience and the judges greeted her with thunderous applause. Rong Niu’s happy face is priceless. “Are you surprised by this reaction?” Asks Mel B. “Yes, very much. Thanks a lot!” Rong Niu said. “I’m so happy. Thank you!” If you like stunts, I recommend you watch the following video.


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