Beyonce’s eldest daughter grew up to be an exact replica of her mother. A true beauty

The news that Beyonce’s eldest daughter is identical to her mother not only in appearance but also in personality swept up the Internet.

Jay-Z accompanied his 10-year-old daughter to a San Francisco NBA basketball game.

Famous mother Beyonce and the twins were not in attendance.

Blue Ivy sported a black leather jacket and her father wore identical black tracksuits and sneakers. Her stunning curly hair is stunning.

Blue Ivy appeared restrained and humble in the images and videos that were broadcast on the Internet, which drew the attention of netizens.

A particularly popular scene is when the rapper smiles at the camera, hugs and kisses his daughter on the cheek, and she breaks free from his hold.

The strong similarity of the girl to her mother adds to the «coolness» of the image.

Not only on the outside, but also through conduct and facial emotions.

When one of the users found a picture of a young Beyonce and compared her to Blue Ivy, then how similar they are is amazing.

Fans were delighted with how she had matured, because not so long ago she was a baby, and now she is a teenager.

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