At a talent contest, fifth-grade boys do a funny ‘granny’ dancing routine.

Everything about this is so funny, but the completion is gold.

School talent shows are common, and the audience always has a good time.

While some of these talent shows are more like performances than genuine challenges, they are always entertaining to watch and energizing to participate in.

Apart from the tomfoolery, they also serve another purpose. They provide an excellent opportunity for educators to highlight their students while also assisting members in developing their confidence. At the same time, it brings the community together, which is always something to be thankful for.

With a quick search on YouTube, it’s simple to find understudies’ performances at such occasions, and while many of them are engaging and interesting, there are a few that stand out.

The understudies, young males dressed as elderly ladies, swayed to Beyonce’s «Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It» song. The audience, which had been stunned when the «grandmothers» joined the stage, soon began giggling and cheering for the understudies.

When the curtain opens, eight elderly ladies appear in front of an audience, hardly walking, and all of them use walkers, sticks, or bolsters.

They eventually abandon their walking aids and believe that the melody will begin.


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