And this is the wedding that went great even though the guy wasn’t there

Recently it became known about a girl from the UK who spent more than $ 13 thousand on a wedding, but it never took place, but the bride did not despair and changed the course of events.

Kaylie Stand, 27, was in a relationship with her boyfriend for 2 years, from winter 2018 to summer 2020. Just the same that summer, he proposed to the girl to marry him. The bride, working in a British insurance company, invested every penny she had set aside in organizing the celebration, in general, her investments were equal to 12 thousand pounds sterling (more than 484 thousand hryvnias), but the groom never showed up for the wedding.

The last meeting of the newlyweds was in the evening, on the eve of the wedding, after which the British left for a bachelorette party. The young couple had agreed in advance on a separate sleepover, so Kaylee had no suspicions. And only before the ceremony, the guests and relatives of the girl informed her that the groom was not at the appointed time and he did not get in touch. The bride did not despair to the last, continued preparations for the holiday and waited for the young man at the hotel.

The whole company enjoyed beautiful photos from the party, banquet and dancing. Kaylie said that there were quite a lot of happy moments that day. After all, she invested all her savings and looked forward to dancing with her father, delicious food and spending time with her family, so why cancel everything because of one person? The only thing that was canceled was a joint family vacation in Turkey. The British collected all the things of her already ex-boyfriend, sent him to his family.

After the wedding, her friends literally lived with Kaylie for several days so that she would not feel lonely. One of the girl’s friends even created a page on social networks for people to throw off donations to reimburse Kaylee for part of the costs of the failed wedding.

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