An 11-year-old girl performs “O Holy Night” and leaves everyone amazed

It’s not very common to hear such a powerful voice come out of the mouth of such a young person, but just because it’s not common doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The protagonist of this story, Amira Willighagen, 11 years old, her age was not going to prevent her from singing the Christmas classic “O Holy Night” in front of hundreds of spectators.

11-Year-Old Delivers Heavenly Rendition of 'O Holy Night' That Will Leave You Breathless – Madly Odd!

The Dutch singer was invited by the Nijmegen Men’s Choir to perform as their special guest at the annual Christmas concert that takes place in the city of Nijamen. Just as sports teams prove time and time again that they do better on their own pitch, so did this young woman. She gave it her all in her hometown!” Amira’s soft, slow voice immediately becomes the center of attention at a concert held inside the Petrus Canisius Church. When she opens her mouth to start singing, you can see that Amira’s eyes are closed. When a singer closes her eyes, you know she’s about to get carried away with the moment. The crowd present there could also notice it and they were carried away by the girl’s voice. It’s easy to imagine that Amira was surrounded by glorious angels, gently guiding her into an unstoppable performance.

Amira Willighagen - "O Holy Night" (Canisius Church, Nijmegen) - Christmas Concert 2015 - AIR.TV

With a heavenly voice that sends chills down the spine, it’s no wonder Amira Willighagen was the winner of Holland’s Got Talent. What a beautiful voice, she sounds like an angel! You can check it in the following video that we bring you below, and it will almost seem like you are listening to it in person. Yes, it’s very good. The beautiful young woman even resembles an innocent angel, and there is no doubt that Amira has been sent from heaven.


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