Actress and model Cybill Shepherd is now 72 years old and here is what she looks like!

Cybill Shepherd was a genuine love icon in the late 1980s.

After co-starring with Bruce Willis in the television series «Moonlight Detective Agency,» the actress rose to enormous prominence. Fans expected the group to be a couple because of how compatible they seemed in the film, but the actors only consented to a brief relationship.

At first, the two were almost dating, but due to Bruce Willis’ enormous notoriety, the actress started to stir up trouble, and it was decided to call it quits.

Cybill Shepherd, 72, recently said that while she still considers Willis to be «a beautiful man» and that she has warm sentiments for him, she does not regret the termination of their romance more than 30 years ago.

Everyone who followed the famous couple was taken aback by Shepard’s remarks since they had been waiting more than 30 years for this admission! It is terrible that their reunion is no longer anticipated because Bruce is a long-time married man who also suffers from a serious disease.

Despite the fact that Sybil no longer frequently attends public events, when she does, it makes a huge fuss. Shepard’s attendance at the Hollywood Reporter luncheon was thus unanticipated.

In a red extended jacket, black turtleneck, and slacks, the 72-year-old actress danced on the carpet for the cameras. Sybill had a perfectly groomed bob hairdo and was always cheerful.

Despite her advanced age, the Hollywood star’s skin is praised for being youthful. She has beautiful, even skin and no obvious wrinkles.

Despite all of these years, network users afterwards said in the comments that the actress still looks stunning.

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