A story that began with the first dress and lasted a lifetime.

Jeanne Moreau, a well-known actress, was in desperate need of a costume designer for a film role.

Coco Chanel’s meeting with Cardin took place due to her hectic schedule.

They hit it off right away.

If it was love at first sight for ordinary people, it was love from the first dress for them.

Cardin usually admired women, but they were the objects of his imagination for him.

They traveled extensively together.

They balanced each other out in every way.

They just didn’t have any children.

Moreau was not considered a beauty, but she did have an unusual and unique appearance.

Despite the fact that Jeanne and Cardin divorced, as they admit, they remained tender for life.

And as a fashion designer, she was faithful to Cardin for 40 years.

Jeanne had many romantic relationships.

But as she herself said, her real love was the films in which she starred.

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