A mother and her children found a bottle with a letter near the river. The contents of the email have been published

In life, we can often encounter unexpected things or surprises, especially from the past. Imagine what you would do when you suddenly find a bottle in which there is a letter, which was written a long time ago and has an addressee. Would you like to find the owner of the letter or not? We present to you one of our interesting stories, when the children found a bottle on the bank of the river with a letter written in it. A mother was walking along the river with her children. Suddenly they noticed a bottle. The bottle shone from the rays of the sun. At first they thought they had found a plastic bottle and had to throw it in the trash.

When they approached and took the bottle, they saw that there was a letter in it. They did not open the bottle, but took it home. When they opened and read the letter, it became clear that it had been written by schoolchildren in 1985. There was a message in the letter. The letter was fairly well preserved. The letter stated that the guys walked the․

In addition to the date written in the letter, there were other signs that many years had passed. The phone number only had 4 digits. They started changing the 5 and 6 digit numbers just then. Additionally, the guys indicated that they were third and fourth year students. The woman wanted to know where this container had been for so long. And then she saw that her children wanted to contact whoever threw the bottle in the river.

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