30-year-old pensioner parks car in narrow gap and never scratches paintwork: video.

For 30 consecutive years, a Belgian pensioner has parked his car in a garage that looks more like a narrow gap. A video of his masterful parking lot quickly became famous. Users are trying to figure out two things: how a man puts a car in a slot just 6 centimeters wider than his body and how he then gets out if all the doors are to be slammed against the wall. Eugene Breinaert, 87, has always parked like this. Somehow a neighbor caught him on video, and the press got interested in the video – they took a little comment on the pensioner’s situation.

Eugene pointed out that his car (it’s an old Fiat Panda) is 1.49 meters wide and his garage is 1.55 meters wide. That is, the pensioner has only 3 centimeters of free space on each side. The parking process seems bewitching. With the Fiat at the perfect angle, Eugene seamlessly enters the tight garage space without touching the walls, even with the mirrors. In the garage, it stops exactly in front of the inner door that leads to the house.

The man opens it through the car window, pulls it back a bit and opens the car door – now he can get into the house. See what it looks like in dynamics: The pensioner sees no problem with the lack of free parking in the city center. Eugene says that with practice he can now stop anywhere.


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