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Christmas is already around the corner! And you already know everything that this implies: family gatherings, company meals, gifts… but what would Christmas be without music? Listening to Christmas carols is the perfect way to prepare for the Christmas spirit. In this video brought to you today, BYU Vocal Point perform a glorious rendition of “Silent Night” that is sure to lift your mood.

Silent Night | BYU Vocal Point - YouTube

Everyone loves this beautiful time of the year and the spirit of love and happiness is present everywhere. The streets are full of lights and decorations, Christmas carols playing in the houses and stores. It’s an atmosphere that you don’t have in the rest of the year. The a cappella group, BYU Vocal Point, does an incredible job bringing life to this song. The song begins with only one member of the group singing, then gradually the others join in.


The video is shot in a lighted barn, and is meant to symbolize the birth of baby Jesus. All the men lovingly observe a scene taking place before them. Although we cannot see what they are, surely it is the newborn Messiah. The voices of these men singing “Silent Night” sound like heavenly angels. BYU Vocal Point has clearly put their heart and soul into singing this beautiful Christmas carol, and that effort is reflected in the video. As they stated: “Our favorite part of the video is the last scene, when we all symbolically kneel before baby Jesus, offering ourselves and our talents as our gift to him.”


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